Certified Safety Professional, OSHA Certified
Your company will be utilizing our Certified Safety Professionals'  
extensive experience in Safety and Environmental compliance, training,
development, and accident investigation.  

Over 10 years experience in Process Safety Management, Risk
Management Prevention Programs, and Worker's Compensation
Administration, with major strengths in regulatory compliance issues,
planning, problem solving and communication.

Overall 35 years in the Safety Industry within various industries.
Some of our Practical & Professional Experience:
     Federal OSHA Inspector

     Arbitrator between regulatory agencies & affected companies

    Selected by ANSI as an Ambassador to China for Industrial
    Safety issues

    Industrial and NTSB Accident Investigations

    Conceptualized and implemented Safety & Environmental

    Recognized for meeting  and / or exceeding OSHA / EPA
    Compliance Standards

    Hazardous Waste Management in the workplace
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